Thursday, January 13, 2011

NHS choices White Paper Consultation deadline is Tomorrow

Posted by Julia Warman:

Tomorrow is the deadline for getting our documents sent in.

NHS choices White Paper Consultation closes
14th Jan

NOW IS THE TIME have your say in what choices you want for ME Treatment

download your copy of the completed reply with instructions on how to take part from StoneBird or Dr Speedy's niceguidelines blog The more replies they get the more our voice will be heard and documented, it is our right to be involved in the planning of our health care services let the patient voice be heard loud and clear

NEW 15.01.2011: Please Click Here for Instructions on how to take part before Monday Jan 17th

on StoneBird


dr speedys niceguidellines blog

Email after you send you reply so we can keep a log of no.s sent.

Please Repost Forward Far and wide :)


1.Respond to the White Paper Choices Consultation Inform them of What Choices PWME need and our lack of appropriate bio medical Choice

2.State The Choices we Need For Correct Bio Medical Diagnosis Testing and Treatment Using

3.Call for an end to the discrimination agaist the Severely Ill bed and housebound in Provision of any Access to Choice for ME Treatment or healthcar

4.The discrimination and inequality in the current system is unacceptable and a breach of our rights.

5.Address the inappropriateness of LP CBT and GET, provide patient surveys to show the dangers of such treatment

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