Sunday, January 16, 2011

No XMRV Detected in tiny group of Fibromyalgia Patients but ONLY PCR used

By Luczkowiak J, Sierra O, González-Martín JJ, HerreroBeaumont G, Delgado R.:

During January 2010, blood samples were collected from 15 patients in whom
fibromyalgia had been previously diagnosed according to American College of
Rheumatology criteria (
fibromyalgia/1990_Criteria_for_Classification_Fibro.pdf). Ten healthy blood donors served as controls.


Using highly sensitive PCR tools and a multiple set of primers to detect xenotropic
and polytropic MLV–related sequences, we found no evidence of MLV-related sequences in blood cells from fibromyalgia patients or controls.


Nevertheless, with this relatively small population we cannot absolutely exclude an association of XMRV or polytropic MLV–related viruses with fibromyalgia.

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