Sunday, January 30, 2011

Once the CBT is out the bottle, you discover what kind of crap CBT is

Christine Standing MA said:

Research abstract: pilot study of cognitive behaviour stress management in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

From the Journal of Psychosomatic Research, published online on 18 January 2011.

"It seems to me that this study omits the ‘so what?’ question.

Hans Selye first described ‘stress’ as a concept. We are all ‘stressed’ – as he said, ‘the only person who is not stressed is a dead person’. However, sometimes ‘stressors’ (that which causes the stress) exceed our ability to cope. Answer? Remove the stressor.

In this study, people with a ‘bona fide diagnosis of CFS’ were chosen. To remove their stressors, which are physical according to the WHO CDI, you have to remove the cause. The cause is physical; the effect is neurological.

So this study finds that it can help people to cope. So what! That hardly even touches the surface for many people. Put the research money where it matters – in the physical realm – and stop confusing psychosomatic symptoms with neurological ones.

Hans Selye added one further thought that this study failed to address. An organism – be it animal or human – if the stressor continues for too long, will give up. It dies.

That is what we find happening to patients when they are made to exercise.

Remember Sophia Mirza who died because psychiatrists thought her illness was psychosomatic, and stop putting finances into meaningless studies. "

Christine Standing MA


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