Saturday, January 29, 2011

The psychiatric network of vested interest


"Professor Simon Wessely plays an important part in a network of psychiatric
medical professionals whose views and research are almost
completely coincidental with those of the government policies of
Britain and North America. He has access to funding, media and support,
which enables him to shape and promote the prevailing view
about a number of issues which are of importance to those States.

Professor Wessely is the leading chronic fatigue syndrome
research academic in Britain, heading the CFS Research Unit at
King’s College Hospital, now part of Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’
School of Medicine (GKT). There he also heads the Gulf War
Research Unit and pursues the role of civilian advisor in psychiatry to
the British Army. Since the end of the 1980s, Professor Wessely has
steered a fine line, carefully avoiding categorising ME and CFS
patients as mentally ill, whilst nevertheless working hard to classify
their illness, against the prevailing trend, as a psychiatric condition.

Wessely has established an unrivalled position as a well-placed
government advisor and peer reviewer in almost all the seminal journals.
He has been involved with every serious inquiry into ME and
CFS over the past decades, and his papers and those of his colleagues,
produced in considerable number, dominate the field in any literature
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Blacksmith said...

Truly unbelievable! How can one man be allowed to do so much damage to the sick?

It reminds me of the doctor that received the Nobel Prize for the 'psychiatric innovation' of lobotomy as a method to cure some types of psychoses. 40,000 of these were performed in the US.

Lobotomies were even performed on young children. Does that ring any bells?

These 'doctors' should be locked up and the key thrown away.


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