Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Psychiatry's bible of false "disorders"

Posted by Nigel Gray at 10:49 on 20 January 2011:

The fraudulent labeling and drugging of children and even adults is worthy of investigation. The DSM (psychiatry's bible of false "disorders") is full of disorders such as ADD and ADHD that have no medical or scientific basis whatsoever.

They have taken normal human reactions and made every one into an illness.

In reality the only real illness is the urge to become a psychiatrist and its associated complications; continuing to practice as a psychiatrist.

In reality there is no test or evidence in existence that can prove these disorders as real.

Have you ever looked out a window while someone boring was talking to you? That is Attention Deficit Disorder.

No, it is time these quacks were investigated for fraud.

Please invite your friends to join! Read Petition for Investigation of the Fraud of Psychiatry

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