Sunday, January 2, 2011

Raise Awareness For Depression & Suicide Prevention

by Anthony Pisano and Terry Tierney:

Welcome to Freedom, this group was created by Anthony Pisano and Terry Tierney. We created this group to Raise Awareness for Depression, Addiction, Self Harm and Suicide Prevention.

The idea came up because Terry suffers from Depression and tried to take his own life in January 2008. We relized that this is a topic that is not widely talked about enough in the community so we're trying to make a difference.

Anyone's life can change in a split second, so please support the group and hopefully we... Read more>>

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kevin blumer said...

a lot of people are still aware of depresion and suiside some think its to laugh about or that people are just having an off day depresion does kill it is slowly becomeing accepted in sosiety to be depressed i inly know because i was in deep depresion last year


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