Friday, January 7, 2011

Sixth Letter re. MRC PACE Trial Complaint sent to Minister

Sixth Letter to Minister re. MRC PACE Trial Complaint, Sent on behalf of Malcolm Hooper, Emeritus Professor of Medicinal Chemistry:

How on the one hand can the MRC justify funding a trial that is predicated specifically on disabusing participants of their belief that ME/CFS is an organic disorder whilst on the other hand its own website lists published research papers confirming ME/CFS as an organic disease?

The MRC itself appears to regard people with ME/CFS with disdain approaching contempt (see Appendix 1 to Professor Hooper’s complaint, for example: “The Unit's scientists must remain wary of patient-pressure groups.

Tony Johnson's work on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a most controversial area of medical research, has had to counter vitriolic articles and websites maintained by the more extreme charities and supported by some patient groups, journalists, Members of Parliament, and others, who have little time for research investigations”).

This disparaging view, for which ample evidence exists, has prevailed throughout the MRC for many years. Read more>>

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