Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sleeping with pets can cause nasty diseases

By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times, January 25, 2011:

Think twice about cuddling your furry friends in bed; otherwise, you could be exposed to a nasty disease. That’s the recommendation from a paper being published in next month's issue of the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Pet ownership appears to have been on the rise in the U.S. over the last few decades, surveys show. Of an estimated 60 million pet dogs in the U.S., according to this study, an estimated 21% to 33% sleep on or in their owners' beds – and of 75 million cats, 60% curl up with their owners.


Nonetheless, the authors write: “Our review suggests that persons, especially young children or immunocompromised persons, should be discouraged from sharing their bed with their pets or regularly kissing their pets.” Especially if they’re not an indoors kind of creature. Read more>>

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pamzuzu said...

I agree with your post, personally I had issues sleeping with my dog. First of all, I start sharing the same Amoebas, and I knew it when I did some tests and they found Dog's parasites in my intestines. Not long after I got a very bad infection that led me to the hospital. The doctor's did not know exactly the reason why I had it, but I finished with lots of antibiotics and even surgery.. :( Now I realize maybe my doggy gave me more than just love... So no more dog sleeping with me.


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