Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sorry Doc, your diagnosis of CFS was wrong

By Kenneth Muhich, DC:

Case Study: Treating a Patient With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Patient History

Mrs. DW entered my clinic in October 2007 for evaluation and treatment of multiple conditions including fibromyalgia and CFS, although these conditions had not been officially diagnosed. Mrs. DW, age 52, was working as a nurse in a local hospital. She stated that she had a difficult childhood that caused her to leave home at the age of 16. In her early 20s, she became ill with endometriosis and urinary infections which led to ovarian cysts, weight gain, depression, oopherectomy and appendectomy


Within two months of introducing the entire protocol, the patient had lost 13 lbs and two dress sizes. Weather changes did not negatively affect her. Her mood swings hardly swung, she smiled a lot and her humor had resurfaced, along with a much more enjoyable relationship with her husband. After two years, five months, nurse DW is seen only for structural problems due to her normal activities of daily living.

Fibromyalgia and CFS symptoms abated completely after four months. Read more>>

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