Thursday, January 27, 2011

Star Anise, the herb that tamiflu is derived from

By Leanne Daharja Veitch,

We're not supposed to call it swine flu any more. That would upset the pork industry.

So it's now called H1N1. I suppose that's more kosher.

Also more kosher, if you read the mainstream press, is tamiflu - the only approved antiviral for H1N1, or swine flu (as I will continue to call it). In great demand, the drug company manufacturing this medical miracle (*cough* *splutter*) is raking in gazillions. The drug is in high demand, short supply, and you can bet the profits of Roche (the drug company) are rising.

This is not a paranoia piece, and I am not suggesting for a moment that swine flu was created in a lab as a profit-making exercise. That has never happened before at all. Well, almost never.

What I am suggesting is that there are a whole stack of natural antivirals you can take, right now, that will boost your immune system and make it less likely you will be susceptible to any virus, including the media's Black Death of 2009, swine flu.

Natural antivirals that you probably have in your fridge and pantry right now include:

Allium: All plants from the allium family (that's onions, spring onions / shallots, leeks etc.) also have antiviral properties.
Ginger: Ginger also has wonderful antiviral properties.
Star Anise: Used in Asian cooking, did you know this is the herb that tamiflu is derived from?
Green veggies: Green veggies are GREAT for your immune system. Stock up, chow down, and don't delay!

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I've also read somewhere that A two-year-old boy is the latest patient found to have the Tamiflu-resistant strain of human swine flu (H1N1), the Department of Health said.

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