Saturday, January 29, 2011

'Synthetic marijuana' wasn't meant to be smoked by public, inventor says

The Calgary Herald, JANUARY 28, 2011:

CALGARY - The high from synthetic marijuana products comes from a laboratory — not a plant.

And the chemist who created some of the compounds most commonly used to make synthetic marijuana is widely quoted warning people against using it for that purpose.

"It's like playing Russian roulette. You don't know what it's going to do to you," John W. Huffman said in a recent interview with the website LiveScience.

In what's considered the first case of its kind in Calgary, police Tuesday seized synthetic marijuana on sale at several local stores and store in a warehouse.

Like marijuana, many of the chemicals in the synthetic drug are banned under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

Unlike marijuana, which derives its potency from a naturally-occurring substance in cannabis plants, the synthetic drug is a chemical-herbal mix of otherwise legal plant materials, infused with manufactured chemical compounds that ... Read more>>

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fsal said...

There's a vid on youtube of a guy making this stuff. He's spraying something that looks like grass clippings with acetone. That's gotta be good for you.


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