Saturday, January 15, 2011

Title adds gravity to an otherwise foolish statement

Dr. Edgar:

“The literature suggests that getting more exercise is the best treatment for CFS.” (Dr. Santana Diego)

Other literature suggests that sometimes when people see a title like “Dr.” or “PhD” next to one’s name they show a tendency to add gravity to an otherwise foolish statement.

Nothing like a ilttle touch football to perk things up in a hurry, eh? Sadly, it would appear that Diego has not had much personal contact with CFS patients or has chosen not to believe any and all of them.

When it takes two hands to lift a quart of milk, or the repetitive motion of brushing one’s teeth makes muscles ache, Diego’s comment is beneath responsible consideration. Being short of breath after the most minor exertion is not a condition which warrants more exercise. “Just walk it off”?

This is an extreme example of blaming the patient for the symptoms and their lack of cure and is maddeningly common. Citing a French Neurologist who also subscribed to hypnotism does not change what is going on, i.e. “It’s all in your head”.

— Dr. Edgar

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