Friday, January 28, 2011

Using sex to sell science

Jan 27 2011, by scicurious:

Sci has been really thrilled to see so much talk over the past few days on women science bloggers, where they are, and why they appear to fly under the radar.

But I’ve noticed that, while female science bloggers and female scientists aren’t big fans of comments on their appearance…most of them have no problem with using some sexy to sell science to the public.

What is the difference, and can the two options of trying to get people to ignore looks in favor of content, and using cool and sexy to sell science actually coexist without one harming the other?

So when my most glorious partner in science blogging-crime Miriam hit me up, we thought it’d be a good idea to get some discussion out there.

Our chat has been edited for grammar, clarity, length, and some side discussion of things like hats. Read more>>

* The entirety of this text has been cross posted at Deep Sea News.

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