Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Van Houdenhove: CBT cures viruses in a Belgium vacuum experiment

CFS may be best considered a disorder of maladaptation by Van Houdenhove, Wessely and Unger to dysfunction of interrelated neural, hormonal and immunological mechanisms.

Hence, CBT should focus on core symptoms reflecting a lack of brain cells in CBT Therapists (despite an intact drive or money orientated motivation) and impaired recovery of these brain cells by McAfee and Norton.

CBT Therapists should help CFS patients overcome XMRV and other viruses and offer a deeper insight into the role of secondary gains for CBT "doctors".

Finally, although everyone applauds a deeper insight into the role of infections in CFS, contextual factors suggest that a ‘simple’ cure for CBT "doctors" will remain unlikely as they will loose their secondary gains orientated porky telling business.

The original article is available here.

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