Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wasting millions of dollars on psychobabble

By martin white, comment 01/05/2011:

The CDC/CFS program under Reeves wasted millions of dollars on psychobabble that was intened to damage and demean the ME/CFS sick and further damage any research on the WPI/NCI/CC and NIH/FDA/Harvard positive studies on this newly discovered Retrovirus.

Reeves was removed from his position and Dr. Elizabeth Unger replaced him. There is a large group of people in the US, UK and other countries who do NOT want the information of this Retrovirus out into the public.

Reasons might include the pressure from insurance companies for health and disability claims, face saving for the CDC since they dropped the ball on CFS in 1981 or possibly a cover-up of this Retrovirus and its origins.

Was this a man-made Retrovirus that was released by the government/military accidently or intentionally? But a cover- up has been underway for the last 30 years.

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Anonymous said...

What about the millions of black birds, starlings and other birds that have dropped from the skies already dead? These already dead birds have been found in several states in the US. When the birds have fallen on a human's head, the person has become ill enough to require hospitalization and can not breath.
Birds do not just die in the sky in droves and drop in large collections without something quite serious at work. Theories such as lightening strikes or fireworks no longer work when this many bird kills are found in several different states.
Then we have the dead fish issue. Ok, it could be a normal over-populated fish kill or it could be a fish disease of some sort. It just seems quite odd that the fish would also be dying in huge numbers at the same times as the millions of birds.
We all are aware that the US government does use aerial spraying to test various agents - and yes, against their own population to see what the effects would be on the enemy. So it is not far fetched that the military/DoD is at it again.
First birds and fish, next humans?

Finally, we have the insane number of cancer clusters in children that have broken out all over the US. The CDC says there have been over 100 such cancer clusters in children throughout the US. No explanation - it's cancer. But the CDC refuses to be involved in the last major cancer cluster in Sandusky County Ohio. Why? Is it too hard for the CDC to dig up soil and test it? Is it too hard for the CDC to draw blood from sick and dying kids to see if in fact there is a Retroviruus causing these cancers? Apparently the CDC is not only unethical, stupid but also terribly heartless. Allowing young children to get cancer and have to go through the hellish experience of chemo and radiation while fighhting cancer is beyond criminal, beyond unethical, and well into what the Nazi's would be MOST proud of.
Time to get rid of the CDC. Time to investigage what the US Military and other orgs have been up to and dumping out into the air. Get rid of the CDC and hand over their duties to NIH and be done with them. That would save the US billions and we might actually get answers instead of just keeping CDC people employed.


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