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Why is 100% of the MRC’s budget on ME research wasted on psychosocial BLAH BLAH ?

Questions to put to Stephen Holgate at the APPG on ME meeting 16th Feb 2011

by Chris Douglas on Tuesday, January 25, 2011:

Prof Stephen Holgate (Chair of the Medical Research Council's 'expert' group on 'CFS/ME') is to appear at the APPG on ME meeting on 16th February. If your MP is a member of the APPG on ME, please consider sending them this one page list of questions to put to Holgate about the MRC's funding of ME research.

16th February 2011
Questions for Stephen Holgate

Question 1
Over the last seven years (2004 to 2011*), why has the MRC allocated 0% of its ME research expenditure to aetiology and underpinning (i.e. understanding normal processes and functioning which forms the basis of subsequent research investigations)?

* In the previous three years there was no expenditure at all.

The average share of expenditure allocated to aetiology and underpinning research across all illnesses as a whole is 68.4%*

* By the 11 largest Government and charity funders of health research. Source: UK Clinical Research Collaboration, 2006.

Question 2
Why has over 80% of the MRC’s expenditure on ME research been allocated to psychosocial therapies in the absence of aetiological studies to prove the existence of any psychiatric cause?

Question 3
Why has the MRC not supported research into biomedical fields of ME that are funded either privately and/or internationally. For example (but not excluded to):
the cause and effect of Natural Killer cell depletion in ME and its potential application as a ... Read more>>

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