Friday, January 21, 2011

With XMRV reservoirs are a primary issue because it is slow-replicating

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Written by Joey:

With XMRV, it is far more likely than with HIV, that reservoirs are a primary issue because it is slow-replicating.

Therapies such as interleukins have been used to draw HIV out of latency with varying success.

XMRV researchers will likely need to consider the problem of drawing virus out of latency (ie stem cells since stem cell division equals viral replication) as well as cutting the provirus (the viral DNA integrated into our human DNA) with methods that mimic restriction enzyme systems which remove foreign viral DNA from our own DNA.

Leave the provirus in there and it may trigger oncogenes, which may be why XMRV has been found in prostate and breast cancer. Read more>>

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Tina Tidmore said...

Yep, reservoirs are needed.

The macaques study where XMRV was injected was interesting. I understand there are more animal studies being done now.


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