Thursday, January 20, 2011


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Event creators: Maxine Middleton, Vikki Walker, Paul Kayes, Jo Best:

Last month, on 20th December, 4 papers were published in Retrovirology, with a 5th that was a commentary on the other 4, claiming that findings of the retrovirus XMRV were due to contamination by mouse DNA.

The original studies had been in patients with prostate cancer and also Myalgic Encephalomyeltis (misleadingly also called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in some countries – hence our use of ME/CFS here) and were published after extensive peer-review in the prestigious journal Science in October 2009.

The studies published last month related only to PCR testing – scientists finding XMRV and MLVs had previously warned of the limitations of using only PCR to find XMRV and were already well aware of these risks in research, ensuring that their own results were not affected by contamination.

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