Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Corporate Medicine: Blaming the patient

Corporate Medicine
Blaming the patient for environmentally caused illness
Kate Blake

Today, I have a few hours to myself to reflect on why my life as a Carer, looking after my husband whose health was damaged three decades ago, by chemicals at work, and the lives of so many people like me, are trapped in a time-warp of despair! Crumbling under the treatment handed out to us by the NHS that is failing us all so badly! To quote my daughter at an early age of 6, “Mum life isn’t fair”!
This is my personal reflection and it is not about self-pity, it is about systems that have gone wrong, and doctors who no longer listen to their patients. The reality of life for people with environmentally caused illnesses, forced to rely on the National Health and Social Services is far from the public face it tries to portray. It is no longer the caring establishment, focused on wanting to hear your views and for you to lead your own care and treatments. In fact, this cannot happen because in the main, the collusion behind the scenes puts paid, very firmly, to this!
This collusion is perpetrated by some of those you would expect to be at the hub of care and treatment in our society. It is this collusion that is denying patients their basic respect and dignity, leaving many millions of them to suffer a mere pittance of a life and existence with only the hope that change for the better will eventually come!
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