Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NHS Scotland recommends to diagnose ME with the Canadian Criteria and separate it from CFS

By Christine: The Scottish government commissioned the Scottish Public Health Network to undertake an assessment of services for those with ME and CFS. The end result is that ME be separated from CFS, with ME sufferers being diagnosed using the Canadian Consensus Criteria and those with CFS diagnosed using the NICE Guidelines. This is what ME advocates have screamed out for and is a major shift within the government-medical establishment.

Care Needs for those Experiencing ME-CFS, lead author Phil Mackie, ScotPHN Lead Consultant and Senior Specialist in Public Health, NHS Lothian.
Scottish Public Health Network Recommendations.pdf

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gbrown said...

i have me for 23 years at my worst i could not walk to the front gate.slowly i worked up first to my n iebours front gate then further and further now 18 months later its up to the main street 1000 metres away.so do i still have me.
ps i still have crashes but they do not last a long


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