Friday, November 18, 2011

So let's get this straight; CFS patients don't have XMRV or MLVs, but if they did, it would explain the neuromuscular pathology....

By Denise S. O'Keefe, PhD.:

Dusty Miller, greatly respected in the retroviral community, has just published a paper in the Journal of Virology describing how, if it really existed in humans, XMRV could induce apoptosis of human neuroblastoma cells - presenting a potential mechanism for the neuromuscular pathology seen in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome.

I don't normally blog about XMRV or other MLVs that might be capable of infecting humans - but we did just publish a paper showing how easy it would be to ... Read more>>


Jill said...

Well yes actually. We are being sucked into a false front. CFS is a diagnosis of exclusion and testing to R/O other diseases. So, if they have "something" they do not have CFS. CFS is unexplained. We're spinning our wheel with CFS. Let's hope this proposal by the Coalition 4 ME/CFS does not go through or ME will be sucked into the CFS black hole as well.

Anonymous said...

Elaine Defretas silenced in the 1980s

Judy Mikovits silenced in the 2010s

Dr Andy Wright silenced in the 2010s

Anyone who strays too near the truth of M.E. has to be silenced,whilst millions suffer living hell for decades.

HIV-Negative AIDS? said...

There is no mystery to CFS/ME. CFS leads to HIV-Negative AIDS. It horrifies me on a daily basis that the medical establishment, politicians, and media have not gotten around to reporting the fact that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. CFS/ME patients are the neglected AIDS patients. Drug companies simply make profit convincing very healthly HIV+ people (i.e., predominantly in 3rd world countries) that they need Rx's. See how easy? It's no mystery.


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