Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another cracker from the CBT school of denial: “The bastards don’t want to get better”…

This delightful quote by the way is from page 18, if you're interested, that is.

If you still fancy reading this report, which denies the existence of almost 5000 research papers showing that ME is a physical disease, which was obviously funded by the Medical Research Council, which we all know likes to waste shed loads of money on silly CBT and dangerous GET, but which is so sad and not even beautifully written, that I would advise you to get some anti-sickness tablets from your doctor first before you sit down and puke all over this delightful document.  

The bastards don’t want to get better.pdf

PS: this report is so sad and badly researched that the so-called researchers don't even know that ME means Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and not myalgic encephalitis

PS 2: thanks to HP who spotted this very professional remark in this paper, which wasted more than 1 million taxpayers pounds on a therapy which doesn't work for ME, which we have known for decades

See also: Harvard Medical School: EEG spectral coherence data distinguish chronic fatigue syndrome patients from healthy controls and depressed patients 
See also: The putative agent of ME/CFS can be transferred to monkeys 
See also: Almost 5% of ME/CFS patients contracted ME/CFS from a blood transfusion
See also: Cerebrospinal fluid profiles can differentiate between Lyme disease, ME/CFS and healthy controls
See also: The main characteristic of ME is an abnormally delayed muscle recovery after doing trivial things, if you don't have that, you don't have ME

See also: GET (graded exercise therapy) is torture for ME patients and directly contravenes the do NO Harm principle of the GMC
See also: Harvard Medical School: EEG spectral coherence data distinguish chronic fatigue syndrome patients from healthy controls and depressed patients
See also: Dr. Hilary Jones, When you say, "ME is controversial", did you check that with Alison, Annabel and Sophia? Now, I'm sure you didn't, because all three died of ME. Yes you read that right, …


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't think we should be worrying about a report into Myalgic Encephalitis (whatever that is - given the comment, presumably it has to do with being conceived out of wedlock?) since none of us are suffering from that :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see such caring and dedicated professionals. No wonder patients were resistant to their care, given that they come from the stand point that the patients were "bastards". "this thing, like, you know" Are the nursing staff teenagers? How did this get through peer review????

Anonymous said...

I know why I usually don't read that kind of articles. It's better to avoid, just too crazy. What do you expect if you treat people who have a physical illness with that kind of "therapy"? It's a miracle that there are not worse things happening. Glad the personnel learned how to "cope" with this unbearable situation of patients refusing a wrong treatment. How horrible it must be... These ungrateful people, sick for years, unable to do much, not getting any real help, not much recognition. They have no idea how hard it is to be a CBT practitioner...

Anonymous said...

So - if 'resistance' is futile are these nurse 'therapists' the equivalent of the Borg? Or should it just be re-spelled the rapists?

Anonymous said...

The FINE Experience Courtesy of Dr. Alison Wearden - An ME/CFS Patient Speaks:

"...So their 'treatment' left me worse and more debilitated than I was before I entered the study! I felt there was no concern for me as a human being and there was no further contact with me to see how I was doing..."

Anonymous said...

This is a quote about M.E. patients from a supervisor of the UK Medical Research Council funded FINE trial, in which nurses were brainwashed to believe that the illness (which has always been classified as neurological, and never as psychological) was somehow a result of false illness belief and deconditioning. The nurses were then sent into unsuspecting patients homes to 'cure' them with graded exercise and cognitive behaviour 'therapies'.

the nurses then had the audacity to blame the unreasonable patients for not recovering! Can you imagine the outcry if nurses had been sent out to sufferers of other neurological illnesses e.g. MS. Parkinson's etc, to peddle their dangerous nonsense, and then returned to call the patients 'bastards who didn't want to get better'?

Anonymous said...

The FINE trial completely wasted £1,147,000 of taxpayers' money.

Celeste Cooper said...

Walk a mile in our shoes, right? Shame on them for such a disgusting, non-professional, irreperable comment. It only shows that people like this should not be in charge of research. He is obviously tainted by the lack of compassion, ignorant group of people he chooses to hang out with. I have more than enough research citations gathered from writing to knock his socks off. CBT does NOT work, but you see that threatens his secondary gain, financial under the table, political driven money for bogus research. They will never find an answer because they chose not to try. A Thomas Edison, man of integrity, researcher with dignity, respecter of human kind he is NOT. I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.
Thomas A. Edison
Healing, harmony and hope, Celeste

Anonymous said...

You're taking the quotation on p18 out of context. The author is offering that as an example of badly done therapy. You act like that's the view of the paper.


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