Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rumours have it that the Lancet is about to retract the ME/CFS PACE trial

A controversial study published in the Lancet by CBT psychiatrists which used the Oxford criteria to make sure that no one with ME/CFS was included in the ME/CFS PACE trial, might be retracted if rumours circulating on the Internet are correct.

A source very close to the powers that be at the Lancet has issued the following statement:

“It is our current view that the PACE trial has not withstood the test of independent verification and proper peer review and that this paper, although beautifully written, should be retracted and shredded come the New Year.”

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Anonymous said...

Someone please tell Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Alex Young aka alex3619 said...

This is obviously a comment on the quiet not a public statement, or the source could be named. I am doubtful it is correct, but it would be extremely helpful to the entire ME community if it were correct.

In the meantime Wessely has made a contribution to forming public policy on mental health in the UK:

This cannot go unchallenged. Every person in the UK with a position to make a valid reply should do so, including doctors, politicians and researchers.

Anonymous said...

i like the quietly shredded bit...

nmj said...

Ah, how I wish this 'rumour' were true, Dr Speedy! Hope you had happy xmas and wishing you happy and healthier new year.

nmj said...

...I followed the Wessely link, I see he is still delusional when it comes to ME research. Guess he is carrying his crusade into 2012, but guess what Simon, no one is actually listening to you anymore!


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