Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dr. Ian Gibson on BBC radio: 'One man we all know' has blocked proper research into ME for years


KAL said...

On Co-cure it was stated that Ian Gibson said Simon Wessely has been blocking proper research for years. That is not exactly what he said.

He said specificially not "I believe" but rather they believe, and he didn't say which people or who they were referring to.

ME patients may choose to read between the lines, but without specificity there is no way of proving it.

That doesn't mean biomedical research isn't discouraged or that it shouldn't be done, simply that you have to be careful about reading into non-specific comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the title given to this clip doesn't help our case at all, which is sad because it's quite a good clip. Dr. Gibson never once says the name of Simon Wessely and it only makes ME/CFS patients look bad that people would put words in other's mouths by claiming that he did. It just reinforces the negative stereotypes that people have about ME/CFS patients.


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