Monday, August 5, 2013

dysfunctional: Recovery in PACE, the 6 minute walking test and other issues

"The exclusion of physiological measures has resulted in PACE, in effect, targeting a phantom condition – a condition constructed on the assumption that dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours are responsible for an assumed deconditioning.

This phantom condition has been assumed to be amenable to the predetermined CBT and GET treatments.

Meanwhile, a real physiological condition has been ignored."

  ‘Recovery’ in PACE, the 6 Minute Walking Test and Other Issues: 
 How Well Can ‘Recovered’ Patients Walk? 
 Susanna Agardy (Australia)

  The Lancet will withdraw comment that claims that PACE participants had a 30% recovery rate with CBT and GET

  Made worse by CBT or GET? The PACE Trial calls that recovery

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