Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Chronic Fatigue Patients: No Longer Fakes?
Virus Found in CFS Patients Might Explain Bone-Aching, Unrelenting Symptoms, Help Find Therapies

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CFASC meeting

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The Psychiatric Academic of the Year award was presented to Michael Sharpe,
Professor of Psychological Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and
honorary consultant psychiatrist to the Edinburgh Hospitals, for his
dedication to enhancing psychiatry's relevance and reputation amongst
medical colleagues, and mentoring the next generation of psychiatrists.

Award Shortlist:

Psychiatric Academic of the Year 2009 shortlist

* Professor Keith Hawton
* Professor Peter Jones
* Professor Michael Sharpe


& here's what the charming professor thinks of people with the debilitating neurological illness myalgic encephalomyelitis:

ME. What do we know (real physical illness or all in the mind?)

Lecture given in October 1999 by Michael Sharpe, hosted by the University of Strathclyde

“In my lecture this evening, I would like to talk to you about myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS (which) for convenience I will refer to as CFS."

“We know that in the majority of cases CFS can be effectively treated. CBT has been shown to have substantial benefits for patients with CFS (and) can reduce disability in most patients."

“I shall argue that patients themselves have played a part in denying themselves this type of treatment"

“Despite a lot of media comment and much hypothesising relating CFS to modern concerns such as toxic exposures, there is very clear evidence that a condition which appears identical caused similar concerns a hundred years ago (and) the causes were thought to lie in the concerns of that time namely, the changing role of women….in our time it is allergy and toxins."

“The conventional wisdom is that illnesses are made real when they are legitimised by a doctor’s diagnosis"

“Does CFS have biology? Yes – not conventional disease pathology"

“The majority of patients with CFS have no doubt how they prefer their conditions to be seen….the vehemence with which many patients insist that their illness is medical rather than psychiatric has become one of the hallmarks of the condition."

“Clinically, it appears that interpersonal stress appears to be a major factor giving rise to development of CFS"

“Over-solicitousness and the reinforcement of unhelpful illness beliefs can have an unhelpful effect on patients’ attitude and coping"

“Purchasers and Health Care providers with hard pressed budgets are understandably reluctant to spend money on patients who are not going to die and for whom there is controversy about the “reality” of their condition (and who) are in this sense undeserving of treatment."

“Those who cannot be fitted into a scheme of objective bodily illness yet refuse to be placed into and accept the stigma of mental illness remain the undeserving sick of our society and our health service.”

the WPI's fundings of xmrv retrovirus are making him look a complete - and very dangerous - plonker

j. said...

'for his
dedication to enhancing psychiatry's relevance and reputation amongst
medical colleagues, and mentoring the next generation of psychiatrists.' - God help us!

where do you start? can't the man read? has he ever seen anyone with severe m.e.? His words are vicious, deeply offensive, have no basis in fact, known research or scientific findings. He seems to be a great stranger to truth.

His opinion presented as fact bears not the slightest resemblance to the reality of this illness, nor the patients who have it. We're not talking about people who are a bit tired and neurotic for pity's sake.

'oversoliticitousness and unhelpful illness beliefs' - we should be so lucky. how patronising and insulting! oversolicitousness to what exactly - seizures? paralysis? aphasia? nerve/joint/muscle/deep bone pain?, incontinence, being tube fed because you can't swallow, choking on secretions because you can't cough? blacking out when you're turned over in bed? being unable to eat because your muscles give out and you can't push food around in your mouth?

people don't die? - well that will be news to the the families who have lost a son /daughter/parent to this illness.

c.b.t. for people who can't talk or hold a conversation or decipher what is being said to them? who have the courage and sheer grit determination to to keep living with this illness day in day out sometimes for decades.

the undeserving sick? - and this man has the gall to call himself a doctor, and one who is supposed to be a specialist in mental health?

His ego and his arrogance seem to know no bounds. Given an award? - he should be kicked out - if he represents the good in psychiatry then the profession is a sham.


Anonymous said...

Well said J,

I can't say I'm surprised by this award though. Call me a cynic but I think it's a matter of time before someone on the psycho lobby gets an MBE or some such award for their services to... UNUM?



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