Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Broken Britain | Shaye

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Britain is in the grip of austerity and the vast majority are suffering. This song is to raise awareness for those who are on the sharp end of David Cameron's Coalition. 

A list of charities who will benefit from Broken Britain are available here:

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• Lyrics:
VERSE 1: C G D G (x2) D G (x2) 
David, please help me 
I'm critically ill and I'm losing my house 
David, don't ignore me 
You tricked your way in and you let me down 
I'm running out of money even though I was okay 
I lost my job though I never skipped a day 

BRIDGE: F C D (Bridge 2: F G) 
You promised me I would be okay 

CHORUS: C F G D F G (x2) 
But our land is broken and there's no use pretending 
Cos what you're doing just isn't helping 
We gave you our trust, you gave more tax to pay 
And after all of that you took our jobs away 

So now we're broke and we're living off food banks 
And what's worst is there's no money where it does count 
Every companies gone private, every shops gone bust 
And everything we do gets mocked by you, David 

VERSE 2: C G D G (x2) D G (x2) 
David, please save me 
Im freezing to death and my bills have gone up 
David, I'm pleading 
I need NHS but your friends got the lot 
I want to go to Uni but the fees have gone up 
I wanted a career but more jobs have been cut 

MIDDLE 8: D G (x4) C G F C 
So I hope you see the damage that you've done 
And you look in my eyes and you tell me that I'm wrong 
You'll call me a sponger and it'll make your day 
But all I have to say is

Ad. Lib Plebbing

Written, and produced by Shaye 
Music video concept and editing by Shaye
Artwork by

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