Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dr. Maria Gjerpe’s CBT for ME/CFS: Crowdfunding B-Cell Treatment

Dr. Maria Gjerpe, an ME patient for 30 years, explains how and why MEandYou are going to crowdfund a Rituximab study:

Within 90 days we are going to raise 7 million Norwegian krone ($1.2 million) to fund a study on 140 ME/CFS patients at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen, Norway.

Will we – the patients, relatives, friends – be the first in the world to crowdfund a clinical trial? And can we engage both sides of the Atlantic to make it happen? Yes!

In 2011, a study at Haukeland Hospital on the use of the immunosuppressive medication Rituximab against ME attracted international attention. Two-thirds of the patients in the study experienced significant improvement after being treated with the drug.
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leelaplay said...

haha now that's the only type of CBT that should be associated with ME!

Vera said...

This is cool!


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