Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What gets me down about having severe M.E. ...

What gets me down about having severe M.E... Its not the poverty or the loneliness or the total sleep disruption -all or nothing- 0r even the loss of my previous life as a qualified dental nurse that gets me down, nor the fact I was a talented painter attnding uni for my "B.A. Hons.fine art history and practice" with a view to teaching, (but now due to loss of spatial judgement I can't even draw, and can't read books now due to cognitive dysfunction). And its not that I miss my weekly horse riding hacks or the regular long walks I loved (beach, forest, mountain) or being unable to communicate verbally,  nor my severely restricted diet (without which I am faecally incontinent,)  it is not being house and bedbound for many years now, Nor that I can't use my wheelchair any more to "walk" my own dog,  Nor the constant muscle and joint pain,  Its not even the severe cognitive dysfunction and endless headaches, it isn't the total isolation of being confined to one darkened room. IT IS the total loss of my credibility and complete lack of support directly resulting from the ubiquitous disbelief that has been deliberately generated by political machinations of rich healthy Psychiatrists blithely working outside their field for financial gain (i.e. M.E. is Neurological thus totally not their Dept) . Excuse my spelling, I have M.E. x by Sally Katch1na.

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