Sunday, May 17, 2015

One of the reasons why patients with a very disabling neuro immune disease are still being subjected to torture by doctors and other medical professionals

Yesterday someone posted her own personal story about ME on Facebook which she started with: "Question for my M.E. friends: 

  Does this ring true?"  

  So I simply answered that question as a Doctor and a patient who has been bedridden with severe ME for more than a decade, thanks to harmful graded exercise, who is spending his days in darkened rooms and is always in pain amongst other things. But that doesn't mean I feel ill as I stated in my response, as there is a clear difference between being ill, feeling ill and being disabled.

  What I find staggering, and I see it time and again with people with mild or moderate ME, and especially people who say they have ME when it is very clear they don't, is that when they disagree, and you don't have to agree with me, that they can't have a civilized, normal discussion and as they do not have any arguments to counter what I or others are saying, they start becoming very personal and abusive, just like someone did on this thread towards me.

  And if ME patients, or so called ME patients behave like this, and they do it time and again, as you can see for example almost daily on Facebook, then it's no wonder that many very good, intelligent and dedicated researchers and doctors are not interested in ME as they think it is a mental health problem, as they are not aware that this is actually a very disabling neuro immune disease and therefore we are still stuck in the dark ages of Pinocchio psychiatry, being subjected to torture, also known as graded exercise therapy, by doctors and other medical professionals.

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