Thursday, March 24, 2016

#PACEtrial Psychiatry is much worse than #DiederikStapel psychology: Two great articles about the seriously flawed PACE trial

Two great articles about the seriously flawed PACE trial

  Editorial: On PACE by Trevor Butterworth, Mar 21, 2016: "And the thing about patients who either suffer from a rare disease, or a more common and inexplicable one as with ME/CFS, is that they are usually a formidable resource—a network of distributed experts who have sifted and weighed the scientific research with the kind of avidity you would expect, given that their lives depended on it. In pharmacology, rare disease patient groups are highly respected and are seen as partners in research rather than just subjects and consumers of studies."

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  PACE: The research that sparked a patient rebellion and challenged medicine by Professor Rebecca Goldin, Mar 21, 2016 :

  "The results from PACE (including these) have been published in prestigious journals and influenced public health recommendations around the world; and yet, unraveling this design and the characterization of the outcomes of the trial has left many people, including me, unsure this study has any scientific merit. How did the study go unchallenged for five years? And how could journalists have recognized the problems before reporting unqualified, but unjustified, good news?"

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