Friday, September 9, 2016

The statement which we should have issued

Statement: Disclosure of PACE trial data under the Freedom of Information Act

The statement which we should have issued

We sincerely apologize for not releasing the data earlier. We now realise this was a big mistake; even more so as the trial was funded with more than 5 million pounds of public money and therefore the public has a right to see the raw data.
We also sincerely regret ignoring our own NULL effect and making it make it look as if our two favorite treatments ie CBT and GET are moderately effective; it was a major oversight on our side to suggest that 22% of people recovered courtesy of CBT and GET;
We now realise that we have been exposing people with this disease for at least 25 years to ineffective and harmful treatments and that hundreds of thousands of patients have been severely harmed by especially GET;
We also regret decades of ridiculing patients with a debilitating neuro immune disease and pretending it to be a functional disorder, MUS, PPS or words to that effect;
The only function that served was making ourself important so that we could pretend to be experts of this disease and that no one would listen to the patient;
We realize that we cannot make up for all the mistakes we have made over the last 25 years including coming up with the Oxford criteria so that we could select patients who do not have the disease but label them as if they do, in an effort to improve the effectiveness of our treatments;
A very nice side effects of these treatments for this disease was that no doctor will take a disease seriously or ask critical questions if we pretend that it can be cured with behavioral and exercise treatment;
We realize that we have not only let the patients down but also our Universities and our Medical colleagues worldwide; we fully understand that after 25 years of being very economical with the truth and spinning our results people will call us the British Diederik Stapel;
The only way we can make up for our mistakes is by resigning from all our posts with immediate effect and together with our universities and sponsors, we will donate 5 Million £££ ie the equivalent spent on the PACE trial to proper biomedical research as done by the Norwegian oncologists and for example by Stanford's Professor Ronald Davis in an effort to get patients with this debilitating disease effective treatments ASAP;
Our Biopsychosocial model as an explanation for this disease will go down in the history of Medicine and Great Britain as one big ego trip and we sincerely apologize once again for letting patients, our universities and the medical profession down in the biggest possible way;


The three principal investigators of vested interest psychiatry who have now handed  back their professorships and more

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