Monday, June 14, 2010

BMJ Learning and the lying medical profession

"Dear Colleague,

A 25 year old man feels tired all the time. Physical examination is normal as are a range of blood tests. You suspect chronic fatigue syndrome. What should you say to him? And what should you do? This new audio module features Dr Esther Crawley and Professor Simon Wessely and covers the diagnosis and management of this important condition. Click on the link to complete it today.

BMJ Learning: Chronic fatigue syndrome: an update for primary care"

Has this man got ME, which Dr Esther Crawley and Professor Simon Wessely say is the wrong name for CFS?

No of course NOT, but the millions of pounds and dollars for silly CBT and denial psychiatry need to continue to flow towards the Pinocchio doctors of this world to the detriment of ME patients.

But who cares? Not Dr Esther Crawley or Professor Simon Wessely as we all know too well.

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Anonymous said...

can't access this, but the weasley charlatans have only ever been interested in forging lucrative careers for themselves by pretending that a devastating physical illness is somehow a lifestyle choice


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