Thursday, June 24, 2010

What About ME?

By Double D Productions: "We would like you to know about our up coming film about ME/CFS titled, WHAT ABOUT ME?

For full info of the film please visit our official website

Double D promotes the facts!
Double D Productions
57 Poland St
London W1F 7NW"


Jen Peterson said...

Really excited for the release of this!

It looks great, and is helping out such an important cause


Thankyou so much for this!!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!!!

I can't wait until Victory Day!!

carole.stevensballard said...

I an not wait to see the film. I would like my GP to have a copy. He is a good man, young and newly qualified. He has been kind to me, and knows I suffer, but knows so little about ME.

Thank you for al the hard work you are putting on to the film. I am so excited. x


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