Thursday, January 13, 2011

XMRV Science may be ugly but patients do NOT make antibodies to lab contaminants

23. cinderkeys on January 12, 2011 10:42 AM writes...:

"Actually it is a simple as this: patients don't make antibodies to lab contaminants."

Also, if contamination accounted for the results in the positive studies' PCR test, then why wouldn't you see contamination causing false positives in both ME patients and healthy control subjects? Why, mysteriously, only the ME population?

Yes, science is messy. Yes, it's prudent not to leap to conclusions based on first results.

But I find it odd that some members of the scientific community seem hellbent on dismissing the positive studies out of hand, using logic with holes large enough to drive a truck through. What's the motivation?

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cinderkeys said...

Here's the response to that comment from RRM:

"The reasons for different results between patients and controls are not always clear, but it is assumed that it is the result of samples from patients handled more often than the samples from controls."

Oh, good. Why do more research to test the "more handling" hypothesis
when we can simply assume it's true! That's so much easier! La la la la la la.


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