Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why exercise is bad for ME/CFS

By Professor Art Ayers:

CFS/ME results in increased levels of the receptors for IL-6 and TNF, but not for the corresponding cytokines, IL-6 and TNF, which trigger fatigue and wasting associated with chronic inflammatory diseases. These findings suggest that people with CFS/ME should be very sensitive to activities or conditions that produce inflammatory cytokines

People with CFS/ME do not seem to benefit from exercise, but rather the combination of exercise-induced IL-6, together with enhanced preexisting IL-6 receptors, produces extreme fatigue.

Many doctors discourage CFS/ME sufferers from exercising, because the exercise-based IL-6 never reaches therapeutic levels required for muscle enhancement.

These recent studies explain what people with CFS/ME have experienced -- exercise is bad for CFS/ME. Hopefully, therapy will follow the new insights. Read more>>

See also: Professor Paul Cheney: why exercise in CFS is counter-productive


aidan walsh said...

simon wessely will do everything in his power to downplat cfs/m.e. i feel very sorry for every gulf war vet in the u.k. where wessely is in charge of these very seriously sick veterans...the man is a disgrace to the british public as a whole and he should be stripped of his papers to practise...he is a very deceitful dangerous person who needs immediate phyciatric help...his attitudes towards patients is criminal behaviour...he should be immediately removed from office...sincerely, aidan walsh southmpton, u.k.

Unknown said...

Dr. Art,
I've been extremely ill with CFS for 3.5 years. I feel like I have tried everything to get better with no success but I have lost 50lbs and am 27 year old male that weighs 125lbs. 5'9. I'm extremely intolerant to almost all foods. I'm even having trouble finding balance for salt and potassium and water. I am home bound and sit in a recliner all day.

I have the SHMT +/+ gene mutation. So Amy Yasko recommended me take 3 different strong probiotics but I was too sensitive to them with allergic reactions and finally found one I could tolerate but only at low 4 billion dose. Any higher I would bloat with never being able to increase dose. I have extreme autoimmune issues but no diagnosed disease after being tested. I've tested for SIBO and h pylori both negative. Stool analysis said good bacteria were +1s and +2s. Enterococcus spp had no growth. I had +1 alpha hemolytic step and +2 gama hemolytic strep. No isolated yeast.

My doc has me doing fecal transplants now which I am very hopeful in especially after reading your work. Do you have any insight for me or words of hope?


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