Tuesday, April 19, 2011

AYME does not represent the ME community and its actions have now become harmful to ME sufferers


AB: We've had a resurgence of interest in the petition and have extended the deadline until Monday April the 25th. So far 426 people have signed.

Criona Wilson on Apr 18, 2011nr 422:
Comments: My daughter lived, and died, knowing that ME is a neurological illness and not a psychological problem. Any charity accepting this flawed PACE trial is condemning ME sufferers (especially children) to to "treatments" that could ultimately lead to a worsening of their conditions. In the case of my daughter it was wrong thinking like this of the PACE trial that led to her death. Do you really want similar cases on your consciences?

Kay Gilderdale on Apr 18, 2011, nr 424:
Comments: M.E. is made worse by graded exercise. By promoting GET as a treatment for ME you are letting down those you are supposed to represent.

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