Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Be part of a world record attempt in support of renewable energy!

Greenpeace Facebook Campaign Team:

Dear friends,

Today, you have the chance to be part of a world record attempt in support of renewable energy!

Did you know that Facebook - the social network website that so many people love and use every day - uses coal- and nuclear energy to power their massive data centres - their warehouses of servers where all our personal information is stored?

With this Guinness world record attempt, we are going to show Facebook staff the huge global support for renewable energy - by setting a world record for the most Facebook comments on a post in just 24 hours!

More than 1,500 comments have already been posted since we began, 32 minutes ago. At this pace we can make it - if you and your friends get involved too!

Click here, and leave as many comments as you like!

We'll be showing these comments in support of renewable energy on a large scrolling screen in front of Facebook's headquarters.

Guinness World Records have confirmed that we need at least 50,000 comments on Facebook in 24hrs to set the record.

Tips to help us set the record:

You have to 'like' to comment

Comment multiple times - it still counts!
“@nametag” ten friends in the comment so they can join in the record too.
Share the link on your own profiles
Stay on topic - Facebook and renewable energy. Send your message to Facebook staff. Ask questions. Give opinions. Spark debate. Tell your story!

The best 50 commenters worldwide will win fabulous 'Facebook Unfriend Coal' t-shirts! We'll judge the best commenters by the number of comments they make, the number of friends they tag, and the quality of the comments!

If you and your friends can deliver 500 comments in total, you’ll have got us 1 percent of the way to a world record. Ask 10 friends to leave 10 comments each, and ask them to ask their friends. Easy!

With thanks,
Greenpeace Facebook Campaign Team

P.S. Even if you don't use Facebook, you surely know somebody who does. Why not forward this email to them now, so they can participate on your behalf

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