Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Help Theda Myint now, Please do not wait until Theda's death and autopsy to accept that she is very physically ill

Link to Theda's facebook page

By: Chris Douglas:

Please feel free to use and share this letter to Western Australian cabinet ministers. The letter fits into the 10k word allowance on the Australian PM's contact page.

Dear Ministers

re Treatment of Theda Myint, ME sufferer ...

Please read about the following two cases and please do not let history repeat itself for Theda.

Lynn Gilderdale was bedbound with ME for 17 years, treated with cruelty by the majority of the UK medical profession and took her life in 2008. Whilst still a minor, Lynn was held in a secure unit at Guy's Hospital London until the medics requested permission to use force on her. Her parents refused and discharged her. ...

Lynn's post-mortem: "When her body was examined by a pathologist who specialised in ME, he discovered 'dorsal root ganglionitis' - infected nerve roots - and nodules of Nageotte, which are little tombs of dead cells, in her spinal cord. These would have caused her terrible pain and sensory nerve damage.

They found similar cells in the body of Sophia Mirza, an ME sufferer who died in 2005 at the age of 32, and I believe also in other sufferers."

Sophia Mirza developed severe ME in 1999, was treated with cruelty by the majority of the medical profession, 'sectioned' in 2003 and died in 2005.

Sophia's post-mortem showed: “unequivocal inflammatory changes affecting the special nerve cell collections (dorsal root ganglia) that are the gateways (or station) for all sensations going to brain through spinal cord.

The changes of dorsal root ganglionitis seen in 75% of Sophia‘s spinal cord were very similar to that seen during active infection by herpes viruses (such as shingles).”

Please do not wait until Theda's death and autopsy to accept that she is very physically (not mentally) sick and needs your help.

Please act now.

Yours sincerely

Email addresses Prime Minister (the above letter will fit in the ‘comment’ box). Western Australia Cabinet

Colin Barnett, Premier; Minister for State Development

Dr Kim Hames, Deputy Premier; Minister for Health; Tourism

Christian Porter, Treasurer; Attorney General

John Day, Minister for Planning; Culture and the Arts; Science and Innovation

Robyn McSweeney, Minister for Child Protection; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering; Women's Interests; Youth

Helen Morton, Minister for Mental Health; Disability Services

See also: ME sufferer Theda Myint locked up in a psychiatric unit


Anonymous said...

that's a great letter, thanks Dr Speedy - I have copied it to all the ministers named

I can't believe that this abuse and torture of ME patients is still going on 'medieval medical practices in the 21st century' Sophie Mirza's mother called it

zzirf said...

Thanks for the example letter. I have already made use of it and I hope others do too.

Anonymous said...

Like Theda I gave up hope in 2004 after 17 years of trying to get help via medical professionals I was constantly advised to see for this condition.
Ultimately I admitted myself to a private psychiatric facility for 3 weeks after being convinced by my GP it was all in my mind.

I found the strength to fight back after being told by all my specialists in the facility that there was nothing wrong with my mind, in fact they'd never met a stronger, more determined person and were amazed I'd survived the maltreatment by uneducated and naive doctors that I'd been treated by.
The head psychiatrist even wrote to my GP and warned him that if he didn't educate himself better immediately and cease using anti psychotic drugs as a fix all solution for my condition he would support an application to have him deregistered.

The sad reality is that there are still very few medico's that have taken a few hours out of their lives to educate themselves on these type of conditions and this forces sufferers to go to enormous expense to find help and solutions. Many of whom suffer depression simply because sheer of exhaustion.

I personally believe the numbers of suicides linked to these types of conditions are much higher than any one wants to admit and am so saddened that Theda got to that point and am not surprised at all by her treatment in Fremantle hospital.

We often don't speak out for fear of being branded crazy, and loosing the dignity that keeps us alive.

Thank you for being part of the solution we strive for.


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