Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ignorance about ME is unacceptable, even more so when you are editor of The Lancet

Posted by nmj:

I was updating my sis-in-law on PACE at the weekend and she said: 'Why are they doing this, what's in it for them?' I replied: 'I think they are in so deep with their lies, it is just easier to keep going than stop and say, Look we have been wrong all along, we are sorry'. My sis-in-law is German and she often refers to my 'pudding legs', meaning 'jelly legs', it always makes me smile.

Yesterday, I listened to Richard Horton, the editor of The Lancet, defend the PACE trial on an Australian radio show. Horton described detractors of PACE as 'a fairly small, but highly organised and very damaging group of individuals who have ... I would say... actually hijacked this agenda, and distorted the debate ... so that it actually harms the overwhelming majority of patients'.

(The irony, of course, is that he could be describing CBT/GET psychiatrists.

And most people with ME are passionately against the bogus science of PACE, we are not a small group.) Read more>>

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