Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Invest in ME's response to the Lancet's refusal to publish letters with regards to the PACE trial

Invest in ME:

Ignorance is not an option.

Letter to the Editor of the Lancet

The Editor of the Lancet recently participated in an Australian radio broadcast which included proponents of the PACE Trials. The comments by Dr. Horton indicate a lack of knowledge about this disease and about the biomedical research which has taken place and is continuing, even though it receives none of the funding which psychiatrists have received to promote their flawed research.
Invest in ME responded.

We publish this letter to allow as much open debate as possible and to show that there is a possibility to change things for the better for people with ME and their families - if the will and the education is available.
Ignorance is not an option.

Letter to Editor of the Lancet

To: Dr Richard Horton Editor The Lancet

Dear Dr Horton,
Recently you have commented about the PACE trials. Read more>>

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