Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is Dr. Coffin a comic disbeliever ?

CFS Patient Advocate:

It was instantly obvious to me that Dr. Coffin made a little major mistake and went a “bridge too far” with his recommendation that we leave XMRV behind. Carried away by impulse, he overplayed his part.

While it had a very dramatic ring to it, Dr. Coffin must know that this is slightly premature - and one wonders why he did this?

Of course it was in response to the leading question advanced by Suzanne Vernon, in the controlled detached voice of the wounded lover: "Where do we go from here John?".

With Suzanne Vernon's question I knew something was up. In response, Dr. Coffin's declaration to "leave XMRV behind" had an air of languidity to it, and it seemed a bit forced. Compounding the problem was that immediately after declaring it, he started his habitual "backing up" and covering his bets. One could hear the crunching of gears as he put the car in reverse while it was still moving forward. My son Nicholas and I noticed this same behavior on the part of Dr. Coffin at the FDA conference on December 14th - this habitual shiftiness that invites comic disbelief.

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