Sunday, April 10, 2011

The medical establishment has made no progress on this disease over the past 30 years thanks to CBT psychiatrists

Posted by Aging Boomer:

Kudos to Dennis Mangan and the patient reps, among which I don't include the CAA, for holding a workshop to publicly and undeniably demonstrate that the US government medical research establishment has made no progress on any of these issues over the past 30 years. What else can one say in response to these past 2 days other than "Shame on the NIH and the CDC?"

I'm a WPI fan and, once again, Judy Mikovits demonstrated her head-and-shoulders-above brilliance at the meeting. And, once again, she was cut short, interrupted, ignored and publicly admonished. I am so tired of having the one person with immediately useful research and clear ideas of what needs to happen next being stifled! But anyone who has been following events over the past 2.5 years knew this conference wouldn't result in funding for the WPI anyway. Read more>>

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