Sunday, April 3, 2011

No-one with M.E. has ever been cured by silly CBT

Laurence Swift says:

Our Government has wasted millions of taxpayers’ £s on this PACE trial and others, which have yielded inconclusive results. No-one with true M.E. has ever been cured with the techniques.

CBT tries to teach you that you’re not really ill, it’s in your head. It seems to cure AIDS and cancer patients too, doesn’t it?

Increasing exercise (GET) is contra-indicated in true ME as it further damages the mitochondria, worsening the condition.

These trials comprised a mixed group, using a definition that actually excluded people with neurological disease (such as ME) – it should therefore be surprising to find anyone with true ME among their patients groups.

These groups contain people without ME but with various depressive disorders, so you expect to see a few improve – as was found. True, ME is now thought to be caused by an infectious retrovirus similar to HIV.

It’s a ‘brain’ virus, found in around 98% of true ME patients using the latest tissue culture techniques.

Recent ‘contamination’ theories have been firmly disproven. Physically disabled people can function well in an office job – but if your BRAIN is attacked, meaning that your head is always fuzzy like you have a hangover, bad flu, jetlag and have been hit by a bus all at once – you’ll be very ill.

Those following the events of real ME research will know that several people have been taking anti-retroviral drugs for around a year, and mostly making steady progress.

It’s just a matter of time before all this psycho stuff becomes water under the bridge – just as in the case of stomach ulcers, MS, and many other diseases without obvious causes.

Unfortunately for sick patients, there seem to be many reactionaries putting on the brakes.

If our government really wanted to get all these disability claimants off of govt benefits, they could save loads of money by the correct research and correct treatment of around 250,000 ME patients in the UK alone (1 million in the USA, 20 million worldwide estimated).

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