Friday, April 1, 2011

Paralyzing tactics used by the CBT fanatics have nothing to do with science - this is pure shit

CFS Patient Advocate:

From October 2009, great efforts have been made to slow down the WPI. From early reports that the WPI was going to be "taken out", to ongoing tactics regarding various contamination theories, to cutting off funding, these "paralyzing" tactics have been very successful.

The WPI has spent a great deal of time - too much time - since October 2009 defending themselves.

This has nothing to do with "science" - this is shit.

These tactics have manifested themselves in a wide range of maneuvers, some of them predictable, others not.

The objective observer has to admire those who set up these obstacles. They are very clever, devilish and persistent in their designs.

The overall effect is that the WPI is frozen out of grant money, younger people wanting to do research in XMRV are being denied research money, older researchers are flinching under the pressure of being shut out for their interest in XMRV. The grant application process has become allergic to XMRV research. Someone somewhere does not want this to move forward. Read more>>

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