Monday, April 18, 2011

Prof Jason: ME/CFS patients are shunted towards psychiatric care as opposed to the kind of care that they need

The White House Chronicle,
April 12, 2011: Transcript of broadcast,
Transcript by Lisa Petrison, authorized by Llewellyn King.
Permission to post at CFSUntied authorized by Llewellyn King:

Jason: This is an illness that affects probably a million people in the United States, as you mentioned. This is a very debilitating
illness. When we look at other kinds of chronic illnesses, the functional incapacity is at least as great as just about the worst illnesses
that you can have. So it’s basically an illness that affects many people.

It’s an illness that’s very functionally debilitating.

And it’s an
illness that people have that basically don’t have good access to the health care system. Because when people talk about having an
illness with a trivial name like this and they go to the healthcare system, they’re often basically shunted toward psychiatric care as
opposed to the kind of primary care that they need. Read more>>

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