Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rapper Mike Skinner hopes to raise awareness of ME/CFS

Rapper Mike Skinner felt compelled to open up about his battle with chronic fatigue syndrome to raise awareness of the condition.

The Streets star took time out of the spotlight in 2008 as he battled the symptoms of the condition, and wrote a track, Trying To Kill M.E., to document his fight with the debilitating disorder.

He's hoping by going public with his health problems, he'll make his fans more aware of the common complaint.

Skinner tells The Sun, "People don't understand it and they don't even trust it. It's important to mention it so gradually we can all realise that it's not just depression. That's what people tend to think.

"I was incapacitated. It seems to have faded now. Read more>>


Anonymous said...

he appears to have recovered from stress or postviral fatigue, not M.E.

Anonymous said...

"It seems to have faded now."

Good to hear. This provides good awareness from a well known character.


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