Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This illness is not poorly-defined contrary to popular CBT belief

CFS Patient Advocate:

The NIH, on the conference webpage, defines ME/CFS as a “poorly-defined illness”.

Who has defined this illness poorly? The CDC and some of their colleagues in Britain have defined it poorly.

The Canadians have defined it well. It is a well-defined illness when correctly defined.

The NIH should adopt the Canadian Consensus Criteria that would allow them to define this illness with great clarity and confidence. In reality, this illness is not poorly-defined. Read more>>

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Anonymous said...

Even the revised Canadian consensus definition is a mixed bag which saves face for CFS protagonists. Unfortunately it does not diagnose people with ME. The ME definitions, Ramsey, Hyde 2006, discriminate neurological ME, aptly named because there is myalgia and encephalomyelitis. Encephalomyelitis was shown by Marinacci from the LA epidemic, 1934.


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