Saturday, April 16, 2011

The tragic death of Elias Tembenis is another vaccine injury case you won't hear much about

By Anne Dachel:

I found a recent story from the Stanford University Medical School called, A national health challenge: How the anti-vaccine movement threatens us all. It was all about the wonderful job Dr. Paul Offit is doing defending the vaccine program for America’s doctors.

Offit was described as “one of the most public faces of the pro-vaccine movement for childhood immunizations. He's a hero to pediatricians around the country for taking on an aggressive anti-vaccine movement that makes erroneous claims that vaccines are dangerous to children's health and can cause autism and brain damage.”

To parents in the autism community of course, Offit is the constant voice out there in the media challenging anyone who dares to propose that the ever-expanding vaccination schedule is responsible for a host of chronic and debilitating conditions affecting our children, most notably autism.

Offit can explain away anything that happens to kids following vaccinations. I’ve read his books, watched videos, and read countless articles where he’s featured. His message is always the same. Studies disprove serious reactions. Our vaccines are incredibly safe. The public is being misled by the “anti-vaccine movement” that fuels parents’ fears about what vaccines can do their children.

He’s also very outspoken when it comes to government’s vaccine compensation program. Offit has a whole chapter in his book, Deadly Choices, simply called, “Justice.” His idea of justice is anytime government rulings reject the idea that serious side effects can result from the mandated vaccine schedule.

According to Offit, what can look to parents like direct and immediate vaccine damage, is merely coincidence. He has this mantra so ingrained in his thinking that the most dramatic and debilitating changes following routine vaccinations are dismissed as happenstance. The problem is that when you start to look into the claims of vaccine damage, it’s a little hard to believe that thousands of healthy children would have suddenly gotten sick without the common denominator of being vaccinated at the same time.

A Jan 2011 story from CBS News should have set off alarms everywhere, but it didn’t. Sharyl Attkisson wrote about a bittersweet victory in federal vaccine court involving a little boy named Elias Tembenis. (HERE)

“The tragic death of little Elias Tembenis is yet another vaccine injury case you probably won't hear much about. Yet some medical experts believe it could teach us something about how to make vaccination safer.

“According to court and medical records, Elias was born on Aug. 23, 2000 and appeared healthy until Dec. 26 when he received his second dose of DTaP vaccine. His parents noticed some swelling around the injection site. According to court records:

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