Thursday, April 21, 2011

Truly shocking, the extent of Lynn Gilderdale's abuse by doctors

by Matthew Smith, APRIL 18, 2011:

This book is a powerfully-written memoir, which shows the depth of Kay’s love and respect for Lynn. She expresses no regret for assisting in Lynn’s suicide, but clearly feels a lot of grief at losing her (again, something mutual friends confirm).

What this is not is any kind of investigation as to how widespread the kinds of abuses Lynn suffered were, or are, and such a book is sorely needed and Lynn’s story would no doubt feature heavily in it.

There have been countless stories since of people with ME, including severe ME, suffering because of the disbelief of doctors who insisted that their illness was being “encouraged” or was the result of abuse, leading to children being removed from their families or threatened with such action.

Sufferers admitted to hospital still find that the environment makes their symptoms worse as it does not accommodate their sensitivity to noise, light, smells and chemicals; only this past weekend I learned of a woman with severe ME being admitted to hospital in an emergency, and coming out worse than she went in.

One would hope, however, that this book would open people’s eyes (including the medical profession’s) to how damaging their current practice can be, so that nobody else suffers a major relapse or is so traumatised that they give up on life. It’s a very much needed wake-up call.

One Last Goodbye is published by Ebury Press at £6.99.

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